NSW school safety program at risk before it even starts?

This article expresses fears that the proposed trial antihomophobia school program may never get off the ground unless it garners support from all parties.

Liberals, Nationals etc, if you don’t support such a policy (unless you have a genuinely better one! Better being measured by it’s consequences not expedience) the consequence would be becoming responsible for the consequences of the bullying of same sex attracted and gender questioning youth. Read the Writing Themselves In 3 study and ask yourself, now that you get to make a decision on it and become responsible for the consequences of that decision what will you be, a protector of the lives of bullied children or a protector of the bullying and therefore harmer of those children’s lives!

And if you are aLiberal or Nationals voter and/or have one as your representative please do write to them and discuss the issue with them.

Lets save the kids from bigotry-based bullying and the lifelong harm it can cause.

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