We’ve already started making a difference.

* Members of Equal Love Armidale sent emails to NSW politicians urging them to pass the adoption reforms so that foster kids of Same-Sex and Transgender couples can be adopted by the people looking after them and so that Same-Sex partners of biological parents can adopt their partners child and so that same-sex couples can just like other couples adopt children who need loving parents. The reforms passed. The Nationals leader of NSW attributed this victory to peoples emailing representatives!

* Members of Equal Love Armidale have signed this petition for a conscience vote on Same-Sex marriage so that politicians can represent the views of the Australian people rather than towing the prehistoric party line.

* Equal Love Armidale member Bayne MacGregor was invited to and will be attending the Australian Human Rights Comissions roundtable meetings about the possible addition of Sexuality and Gender Identity to Federal Anti-Discrimination laws.

* Equal Love Armidale members have distributed anti-homophobia posters to bussinesses and public spaces around town.

* Equal Love Armidale now has a presence on Facebook.

* Equal Love Armidale held a public Rally in town on November 27 against homophobic bullying and violence and in support of equality and human rights. Poster

* Equal Love Armidale members Bayne MacGregor and Tamsin White attended the Australian Human Rights Comission community roundtable meetings in Sydney on Sexuality and Gender Identity and federal antidiscrimination legislation. If you want to know more about the issues under consideration please visit the commissions page on the consultation and you can have your say directly online or by email at so your own views are taken into account.

* Equal Love members drafted and mailed and emailed out an Open Letter to local churches and religious groups urging them to speak out in the Christmas Season against homophobic transphobic and intersexphobic school bullying and against similar harassment and violence in the region.

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