The Coercive Steralisation of Transgender people In Australia

Some of you may have heard about this ongoing case of legal battles by a couple of Transsexual men trying to get their rights recognised

And there’s more on it here and even more detail and discussion of the cases impact here where it’s pointed out that the last court finding requires them to travel overseas and get an operation not available in Australia costing in the range of $100,000!

Note that this directly relates to the peoples right to reproduce. While in parts of Australia IVF and Surrogacy are avalable to Gay Lesbian and Bisexual people in much of Australia you must be steralised if your are Transgender or you face discrimination by the government!

Australian Governments forcing people to be steralised? Yep.

And with the discovery by Australian scientists of the Transsexual Gene that means this coercive policy ends up being in practice a Eugenics policy. An idea a lot of people won’t want to accept but thats the right word for it.

Forced Sterilisation and Eugenics policies are things we equate with nazi germany (who sent transgender people and gay people to the death camps) sure, but this is happening right now in Australia. And not just in WA either!

Amongst the many things you can do if you want to do something about this issue is to donate to the fund fighting this in court in WA

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3 Responses to The Coercive Steralisation of Transgender people In Australia

  1. smilingcynic says:

    Before i laucnch into my anti-life rant: Only those who prove themselves worthy and able to bring up the next generation should be allowed to breed. The country is being brought to its knees by the cost of benefits and kids, so why let it get worse.

    What’s so special about creating more FUCKING LIFE anyway??????

    To paraphrase Sade’s views on life: We’re born, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill and then when we die.

    My own view on the miracle of life: Picture some blocked sewer, blocked with used tampons toilet paper and shit, and some rats fucking on this disgusting pile-up. The rats will breed, and their descendants will procreate in similar places. This will probably go on for ever, give or take; THAT IS THE MIRACLE OF LIFE.

    LOVE AND HUGS, HANDSOME PADDY xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  2. Hi.
    Bit of a misanthrope huh?

    But lets look though at this issue still. Why should Trans people be automatically encouraged to be sterile and not the rest? Sure you may think few should breed but surely it should be based on merit not the happenstance of carrying Transgender Genes?

    Now we could go into whether or not things really are gtting worse or better. Sure bad stuff gets reported more now a days, child molestors and wars and terrorists all existed years ago but were talked about less. But is the incidence of these things up or is it down? Are we living in a cess pool or a Golden Age discoloured by a frankness alien to past generations taken to the point of distortion?

    And cost of benefits and kids? Ah but is it the children causing that problem? Don’t forget that past generations had, during a baby-boom, not just free university and healthcare and retirement benefits.. they also had a true unemployment rate that was massive! Because married women were fired or discouraged from working and the unemployment rate of unmarried women was still very high. So it’s not rising numbers of children that has caused cashflow problems.. post 70’s economics must be at fault somewhere.

    But that’s all immaterial to the injustice of the double-standard. The government is applying a coercive pressure against only some people to be steralised for no reason related to suitability of parenting but simply because they are Transgender. Regardless of whether they would choose to have children or not that’s wrong. Regardless of whether you feel everyone should also be encouraged to be steralised surely the injustice of the double-standard is clear?

    And the quality of our lives is built on our decisions and the decisions of others. If life is a cesspool now it doesn’t have to remain so. If we try and make life better we may succeed or we may fail, but if we don’t try it won’t get better on it’s own. So trying is worthwhile no matter how bad the odds may be.

  3. Squig says:

    The act of putting testosterone into a biological female, or putting estrogen into a biological male, tends to render them sterile anyway. It seems a little silly to force them to become sterile when the act of them becoming the gender they feel they should be would cause that anyway.

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