The lies about being Gay being worse than smoking

Many people will have read the letter in yesterdays local paper that claimed that numbers from Denmark show that Gays who get married die 20 years before heterosexuals who get married and that this makes being gay worse for your health than smoking.

The claims are rubbish.

They are based on discredited ‘research’ by a discredited ‘researcher’ expelled from the American Psychological Association years ago. An unscientific study that twists figures into pretzels in order to make such a claim. The fact that most Gays in Denmark who got married were young (and most are still quite alive) and therefore the only ones so far who have died had to have died young because those who will die old haven’t got old yet is ignored so they can make the false lying claim that being gay leads to an early death.

Rubbish claims like this are part of why so many ITBLG kids despair for their future. Claims such as this are part of the epidemic of attempted suicide. So tell everyone you know that those are lies. And here’s a link that gives all the details about the false claims.

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