Transgender Day Of Rememberance

Today is the day used internationally to mark the deaths of Transgender people all over the world that are murdered.

And while Australia has less murders of Transgender people than many other countries a recent study in Queensland found that 45% of female to male transgender people and 46% of male to female transgender people have been assaulted and that 9% of female to male transgender people and a horrific 38% of male to female transgender people have been attacked with a knife bottle stone or other weapon. And the report says the problem in NSW is similar.

So please spend some time today to reflect on the fact that this part of the GLBTI community faces more violence than the rest and so is one of the most vulnerable parts of the community and one that needs us the most to stand up against bullying and violence.

The violence must stop.

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2 Responses to Transgender Day Of Rememberance

  1. Georgie says:

    I have personally been assaulted and have facial scars from being transgendered.

    • Georgie, this is Bayne MacGregor of Equal Love Armidale.
      I’m saddened to hear of your experience, though i am very glad that you have survived the assault.

      More needs to be done to stop this violence and we need to ensure that those in power, those meant to protect us and represent us in government do their job and stop ignoring and neglecting this problem. We saw the government take a stand against violence against women, but the stats show that the Transgender population is far more at risk of violence than cisgender women are. So we need them to act appropriately to the problem. And that would mean doing 3-6 times more for Transgender people than they did for cisgender women when currently i don’t know of anything they have done about this at all.

      But we can speak up and end the silence about this problem. So this problem can no longer be ignored and people will have to act to fix it. And thats what Equal Love Armidale is about and that’s what you yourself have done with your comment. Your one sentence is a powerful thing. And I thank you for speaking up. Together we can stop this injustice.

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