Homophobic Bullying in Schools on the Increase!

Despite or perhaps because of the increasing acceptance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Intersex youth by their Families Friends and Authorities there has been a measured increase in homophobic bullying in Australian schools with the numbers obtained by LaTrobe studies rising 2% each study from the late 90’s to right now.

The Age has an article about this and the study pdf should be available online soon.

Something needs to be done about this increase in violence and harassment. This bullying isn’t without impact, it can have long term effects on peoples lives, contribute to suicide attempts and have a substantial impact on the whole community.

The officials know about the problem, they must act or they are responsible for the harm done while they sit on their hands doing nothing.

And the whole of society needs to stand up and say no matter what the excuses that bullying harassment and violence is wrong and unacceptable and must be stopped. That something must be done to stop this extreme targeting of Intersex Transgender Bisexual Lesbian Gay and Same-Sex-Attracted youth and to protect and save those kids lives. And some of us are making sure that we make a visible stand against these problems with the Rally on Saturday the 27th in Armidale.

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