Taubmans Offensive Paint to be Renamed

Author: Bayne MacGregor

Last night i received this news in an email from Rebecca Dominguez who complained to Taubmanas about the ‘Punch Me’ pink paint

First her email to them:

I just read the blog post:


You seriously have a colour of paint (that is pink) called “Punch Me”? What on earth were your marketing department thinking when they came up with that?

Way to go promoting misogyny, rape culture, homophobia, transphobia and violence against women, trans* and queer people.

An apology to women’s groups and queer groups would be a good idea, as well as sensitivity training.

I’ve been told (via another source) that “Punch” in this instance relates to the drink. But as “Me” follows the word “Punch” this doesn’t compute for me.

Well this is their reply to her that she passed along to me:

Hi Rebecca,

We acknowledge & understand your complaint. The name will be changed as soon as is possible.


Taubmans Paints

I’m very pleased to see their response. And whether it was someones intent to be homophobic, someones bad and insensitive idea of a joke or anything else it’s good to see the company has taken our complaints seriously and is acting to fix the situation. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the changed display and to see what the new name of the colour will be. (Maybe it could be something like ‘Pride’?) Especially as it’s because it’s a colour i like that led me to learn the name in the first place.

So thankyou Taubmans for responding to the problem.

And thankyou to Rebecca and all the others who responded to this issue.

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