NSW parliamentary forum on homophobic bullying in schools tomorrow

Tomorrow I, Equal Love Armidale member Bayne MacGregor and my partner will be attending the NSW parliamentary forum on homophobic bullying in schools. And hopefully there will be a good turnout from each of the political parties and that they will actually take the matter seriously.

Hopefully this will be another good chance to ensure that regional issues are not ignored as has been fat too often the case in the past, to ensure local peoples experiences are included, and to ensure that the Transgender and Intersex communities get included as they must be. That tomorrow is Intersex Solidarity Day makes it particularly important that this sizable hidden minority, 4% of the population, is not forgotten or excluded in this.

Intersex Transgender Bisexual Lesbian and Gay people can have happy productive fulfilling lives and the people who try and harm them through harassment and violence must be stood up to by every fair-minded and caring person in the community. The failure to do so has resulted in problems like this and before anyone dismisses that for being American the AHRC roundtable heard that the attempted suicide rate for Transgender people in Australia was about 37.7% and that is utterly unacceptable in a civilised country that so little has been done. And the problems for Intersex Bisexual Lesbian and gay youth aren’t much better and are still well over the national average!

We need to stand up for the kids. Take a stand to save these kids lives. To ensure all Australians can go to school free of violence vilification harassment intimidation and discrimination.

If you are as disgusted as really any human being should be about that statistic please spread the word. Make time in your schedule for the rally in the mall on November 27 and if you have a printer then print out a poster and put it up for others to see and tell people about the rally and encourage others to join in. Talk to people about why this bullying and violence is wrong. Send an email or letter to Tony Windsor, Richard Torbay, the state and federal Education Ministers and Attorney Generals. Talk to local teachers and principals.

Lets save these kids lives!

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