Australian Human Rights Comission Roundtables in Sydney a great success!

Yesterday I, Equal Love Armidale member Bayne MacGregor, was one of the attendees of the two Australian Human Rights Roundtable meetings in Sydney, (though i attended independantly as i was invited because of my previous submissions to the AHRC on such issues before Equal Love Armidale was formed, rather than as a representative of Equal Love Armidale, i did though mention my affiliation with the group as was appropriate) the first on the matter of Sexuality and the federal governments proposal to harmonise federal antidiscrimination legislation and the second was on Gender Identity and the same.

The roundtables were held under the Chatham House Rule so i have to be careful to respect the anonymities of everyone else involved and their affiliations but i can say that I raised many issues effecting local people, was very pleased with the productive discourse from people of a wide variety of backgrounds and very diverse opinions, several people stated that they’d learned a great deal from the meetings and i got positive feedback from a number of participants for my participation so I’m happy that my rushing to Sydney to get to the meetings has been productive and that the meetings were a great success.

I’m quite confidant that the meetings will lead to positive results from the Australian Human Rights Comission and i look forward to their summary report of the meetings.

From there what will be needed is to explain to the politicians the need to act on these issues and ensure that the Federal Antidiscrimination Legislation fully addresses the discrimination faced by so many of the local Intersex Transgender Bisexual Lesbian Gay Queer Same Sex Attracted etc people of Armidale and the surrounding New England region and accross the nation.

If you want to know more about the issues under consideration please visit the commissions page on the consultation and you can have your say directly online or by email at so your own views are taken into account.

So please let them know what you think about the issue of and any experiences you have of discrimination and sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics. Every opinion matters so let them know yours!

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