NSW falls further behind Victoria on combating Bigotry in Schools!

Another excellent anti-homophobia/transphobia (and one would hope Intersexphobia) bigotry harassment and violence program in Victorian schools.

I’ve been told by a NSW teacher that they have asked for support on dealing with these issues and there are currently no programs there to assist them!

Apparently the NSWTF is working on some things to help tackle homophobia. Will it be to the same standard as whats already available in Victoria? How much Government support will it have?

Come on NSW, the kids here who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex clearly need and deserve better than they have been getting. The inaction so far on the violence and harassment they receive is negligent. Those in authority by their inaction are responsible for the harm experienced by these kids and thats not ok!

It’s time NSW caught up with Victoria when it comes to protecting kids at school!

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