Tony Windsor needs to hear from you!

Yesterday i got a letter response from Tony Windsor to an email i sent to him about the back-door attempt to strengthen anti-same-sex marriage laws and ensure that many Transgender people must get divorced!
You see in amendments proposed to the Sex and Age Discrimination acts to protect the elderly and breastfeeding mothers they snuck in an extra anti-transgender marriage amendment! Even though Transgender people currently married who transition are already forced to divorce so they can’t be in a legally recognised Same-Sex Marriage which would force the government to recognise everyone elses right to same-sex marriage it seems they are worried this could lose in court so they are sneaking in an extra protection to the unjust law by the back door while no-one is looking. And it’ll mean one more obstacle when the time comes to fix the marriage laws.
Well in Tony’s response in the letter he says
I have noted the contents of your correspondance and appreciate receiving your comments in relation to this matter.
As an Independant Member of Parliament, I would seek to gauge the views of residents in the New England Electorate when dealing with such an issue and represent those views within the Parliament.
You may be assured that I will take your comments on board, together with feedback received from other resudents within the New England area, when dealing with this matter.
Thank you once again for writing and should you wish to discuss further aspects of this issue at any time in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
You know what that means?
It means that if more of us ask him to support same sex marriage than anyone asks him not to then he will support same sex marriage.
It means we need to let Tony know that there are people here who want Equal Rights.
So please send Tony a quick email telling him Marriage for Same-Sex couples Transgender and Intersex people matters to you and you want him to represent your view on that in parliament! Just a few words saying that and your name and address will do.
And please forward this email along to everyone living in New England Gay or straight or anything else you know who isn’t anti-marriage-equality!
Polls show the majority of Australians want marriage equality already. All we need to do is raise our voices just a little bit, send off a quick email. Simple, fast, easy and powerful! Here’s his email address in fact as some may rather phoning or sending a written or printed snail-mail letter here’s the full contact details from his website
To contact Tony Windsor

Phone: 02 6761 3080
Toll Free:
1300 301 839

Fax: 02 6761 3380

Tamworth Office

Shop 5, 259 Peel Street

Inverell Office

82 Otho Street

Telephone 02 6721 0144

Fax 02 6721 0288

Postal address

PO Box 963

Here’s what i sent that he replied to:
The Honorable Tony Windsor MP
I have just learned that amidst the good alterations planned in the sex and age discrimination legislation amendment bill 2010, this has been added which serves solely to reinforce existing discrimination to Transgender people.
62 After subsection 40(4)
(5) Nothing in Division 2 renders it unlawful to refuse to make, issue
or alter an official record of a person’s sex if a law of a State or
Territory requires the refusal because the person is married
Forcing a loving couple to get divorced in order to get access to basic services and accurate identification? And that current policy exists (for now, despite being against Human Rights and the reccomendations of the Australian Human Rights Comission) without this amendment, so why is it being added? According to Galaxy polls the majority of the population is in favour of same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination protection for Transgender people. With the pressure to pass marriage equality mounting and both Labor and the Coalition having promised anti-discrimination protection for Sexuality and Gender Identity which would conflict with this amendment it may complicate further other bills soon to be voted on.
I hope that if there is any vote to remove this piece from this important legislation amendment that you will consider what it must be like for married couples where one partner or both is Transgender who are forced through no fault of their own to get divorced, even if they’ve been happily married for decades and wish to remain so!
Thankyou for your time and efforts on behalf of the community,
Bayne MacGregor
So folks please throw a quick email or letter together or give him a call and pass this on to other local folk to do the same!
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