Armidale, city of rallies

Armidale has a history of people gathering in rallies to show their views. This pic outside our post office is from a 70’s antiwar rally i stumbled on by accident on a site about the history of local music. Rallies back then and in recent times have numbered in their thousands. The anti-war rally of 2003 had 5000 people march!

So in this local tradition we are joining in on the national day of action and we are holding a rally for equality and against homophobic bullying here in Armidale on November 27.

Now not every rally here has numbered in the thousands. It all depends on how well the word gets out and what people care about. It’s easy to think that most people won’t care, but right now there has been increasing awareness of the hidden epidemic of bullying-caused suicide, especially homophobic bullying caused suicide, with cases from America getting a lot of press and online coverage lately and that this is a problem in Australia, especially rural areas, has been known by academics and told to politicians for years.

And pretty much everyone wants to save kids lives! Thats something that anyone regardless of their creed or ideology or politics can stand behind and cares about.

So lets get the word out, tell everyone you can and get people together to save the lives of local kids.

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